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Support the Chiangrai Youth Orchestra

The orchestra cannot rely on governement help, and therefore needs to find other types of resources.

Violin practice and orchestra rehearsal is free for the students, but the orchestra can rely on income from private lessons.

Most revenues come from our sponsors who help us cover costs, such as transport or food for the students, when the orchestra moves to other cities.

We have been happy to be able to count on the help of benefactors who offered funds to acquire more instruments, such as violins, celo, double base and viola.


You can help the orchestra by

1) Inviting the orchestra to play for events, hotels, weddings, etc...

2) Donating string instruments which will be used by the children who can't afford to buy them.

3) Coming to help us as a teacher, even for a short time.

4) Just visit us on the Sunday rehearsal...